A single building or group of building that helps manufacturers to make the production of their products. Which inclusive of an administrative building to support their business needs with right kind of structure.

Sheds and Warehouses

A protective structures that needs to care about the goods which manufactured/ goods, machineries, or any products that are kept safely under this safety structures.

Commercial buildings

Corporate office buildings, Commercial complexes, admin offices for medium entrepreneurs that are built with international standards as per the requirements from the officials.

Retail & Hospitality

Construction of a retail shopping complexes, Malls with multiplex theatres to make the business more in terms of multiple foot falls daily. Modern technologies will be adopted for the construction of these kind of buildings since its requires specific care.


Hospital that needs special attention in the field of construction for evacuating the diseases with proper design and specifications. The experts in the field of medical will suggest the design and orientation of the building and there by the peoples feel piece in their soul.

Educational Institutions:

Schools, colleges and all the type institutions which requires speedy construction on without compromising the quality of work. Which in turn need a special force and team to take up the project with modernisation. Stepsstone has the team as required.

Villas / Bungalows

Minute detailing was key in the construction of villas and bungalows. Every inch space can be utilised and optimised my customisation. A home can say many stories and makes historic in the lives. Stepsstone will care about making historic in the minds of residents by fulfilling their needs and requirements in the form making the building or a home as live.

Flats and Apartment complexes

Builders, Promoters and land lords are having more trust on stepsstone, because it’s satisfies the requirements of “on time completion with high quality”. And there by the relationship will be maintained smoothly by the customers with the promoters. And also stepsstone helps many family members to group their flats with in the land what they have and without making hurdles in the minds of the family peoples.