The Leadership Team

Founder and Managing Director of the company is not only visionary but also actively involved in the day to day operations exhibiting higher commitment towards Customer delightments. A Civil Engineer having excellent experience in Real Estate, Leadership skills, Management experience results in the development of the company to its peak.

Rtn. Mothish Kumar. K
(Managing Director,StepsStone Infras Pvt Ltd)

Mr Ramkarishna Tanguturi plays a key role in management with his unique track record and key contacts built in many fields He is the president of World Arya Vysya Seva Mahasabha, Chennapuri Trust, Convener of Andhra Pradesh State Chamber of Commerce (13 units), Vice President South Indian Telugu Welfare Association.

Mr. Ramakrishna Tanguturi
(Executive Director,StepsStone Infras Pvt Ltd)

Mr. Puvimaran is in charge of our civil projects. He has more than 18 years experience in Civil Engineering and has a strong knowledge in the field of construction and Management. He understands architects’ vision and knows how to bring it to life.

Mr Puvimaran
(Vice President, StepsStone Infras Pvt Ltd)